Graphic Design Art Director, Video game Creation Option

Certified RNCP Level I, Govt. Journal(JO), 09/12/2012

Objective : To train multi-skilled graphic artists , with a good working knowledge of programming, capable of managing the full production of a project, improving the performance of a video game engine and ready to join a video game company of any size.

Validation : RNCP level 1 qualification ( 5 years of higher education, Govt. Journal (JO) d,9/12/2012)  International Masters Degree in Video Game Design ( Validated by IDEL art-culture. Second level plus 5 years of higher education.

Status, organization and length: first qualification, 1,120 course hours.

Targeted Public : Open to students holding a LevelII qualification (diploma , bachelors) or 3 years of studies in the field of video games or 3D.

Prerequisites : Creativity, multidiscipline technical grounding, communication skills, knowledge of the IT environment and software (3DS Max, Photoshop,Game Engine, programming), artistic and contemporary culture, independence and team spirit.

Language Requirements: French : B2 minimum.

Career Opportunities: The role of an Art Director is both strategic and managerial, he/she may have responsibility for all the stages of a project, from needs analysis of the client to the completion and implementation of the work for which he stands guarantor in terms of quality and conformity.

This can cover any of the following responsibilities :

  1. Analysis of the client’s needs and defining strategic recommendations.
  2. Drawing up the proposition.
  3. Conception and implementation of the project.
  4. Team management .
  5. Monitoring the competition, the market and artistic and technological trends.
  6. Financial management of activities.
  7. Management of a studio.

Depending on his/her specialisation an Art Director may participate in the elaboration of characters and 3D decor,character animation, or inserting/scripting data in the real time engine of the game

Strong growth in the « serious games » sector offers new opportunities for video game directors, as witnessed by the creation of specialised companies in this innovative field.


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