Bachelors in Video Game Art

Objective: To enter the video game sector, particularly in the field of computer graphics, 3D, 3D animation or level graphics.

Validation: International Bachelors Video Game Art, validated by IDEL art-culture (secondary +3years);

Status, organization and length: first qualification, 3 years.

Targeted Public: The course is open to second level students with the equivalent of the French Baccalaureat ( level 4).

Requirements: Creativity, sensitivity multi-faceted technological awareness, communication skills, knowledge of the I.T. environment and relevant software (Illustrator, Photoshop, Xpress), contemporary and artistic culture.

Direct entry to the second year of the course is possible for students with a minimum of one year’s studies in the field of applied arts (e.g., MANAA or 1st yr. in Bachelors Video Game Art). If students do not have adequate knowledge of 3DS Max they must take a 6 week Autograf upgrade of their 3D skills ( during the holidays preceding 1st semester).

Language Requirements: French B2 ( minimum).

Career Opportunities: 3D Graphic Artist, 3D animator or level designer in a number of fields ( video games, advertising, cinema and television formatting, all areas o special effects, architecture, landscaping etc.).

Further study possibilities: It allows students to access courses to become an Artistic Director in Graphic Design, video game creation option, RNCP Level 1 JO ( Govt. Journal 09/12/2012 (secondary +5 years). Masters in Artistic Director in Graphic Design IDEL art-culture validation).


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