3D Computer Graphics

Length of course: 6 weeks, 33hrs. per week

Targeted public: The course is open to anybody wishing to acquire the skills necessary to adapt or upgrade their Professional profile. It allows students coming from applied arts upgrade courses in other schools to make the transition to the second year of the Bachelors in Video Game Art.

Objective: To gain an understanding of how 3D computer generated images are processed from modelling to animation (3 DS MAX and MAYA). 

Entry requirements : mastery of basic I.T. techniques (Windows or Mac OS environment). Knowledge of a retouching software, Adobe Photoshop or similar. Drawing skills are an asset.


Course Units


Number of days

3D computer Graphics

Theory : Displaying objects, establishing a 3D World. Presenting interfaces.


Introduction to interface graphics and to users of 3 DS Max.


General points : Break down of a 3D object (vocabulary And pr basic principles).






Creating skeleton (bones)




Rendering and staging


Animating models


Recording and Exporting






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