Interior Design Architect

Options available:  Interior Design Architecture or Scenography

Objectif : To acquire the methodology for putting together a project : research, analysis, programming, feasibility, conception, completion, project communication , preparation of technical, regulatory and descriptive documents, Facilitate employment in professional environment.

Validation :Validated as an international Masters Degree in Interior Design by IDEL art-culture (Second level+5yrs). )

Possible Status, organization and length of course: first qualification . 1120 course hours.

Targeted Public: Holders of a level II degree or qualification (l bachelors or equivalent) or three years of third level studies in Interior Design Architecture or spatial design .

Language Requirements: French : B2 minimum

Métiers :The Interior Design Architect  creates spaces within existing buildings. He conceives layout and design projects linked to the domestic, cultural and professional behavior of people. I The/she operates in different and varied spaces such as habitat, workspace( e.g., habitat, industrial, commercial, cultural etc. ) leisure space, hotels, , temporary space (scenography, stands, and event spaces etc.) as well as furnishings.


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