Bachelors in Interior Design

Objectif : To work as an environment designer, plan work-spaces, design stands and commercial spaces to highlight a company’s brand image.To operate in different and varied activity spaces : architectural ( e.g., habitat,industrial, commercial, cultural etc. ), urban landscapes, architectural patrimony, scenography, museum design, temporary space (fairs, exhibitions, decors etc.).

Validation : International Bachelors Degree in Interior Design validated by IDEL art-culture (Second level+3yrs. Of study)

Status, organization and length of course : first qualification. Length : 3 yrs.

Targeted Public : Holders of a secondary level diploma ( equivalent to French baccaulaureat-level IV).

Prerequisites : Creativity, multidisciplined technical grounding, communication skills, knowledge of the IT environment and softwares(Illustrator, Photoshop, Xpress), artistic and contemporary culture.

Language Requirements: French : C1 minimum.

Career Opportunities : As a free-lance,a company employee or consultant,or in an agency,the holder of this qualification can contribute to the aesthetic conception of spaces and areas in our daily lives. Within a professional framework, he/she can usethe skills acquired as a collaborator in a research consultancy, an interior designer assistant decorator, space lay-out consultant, environment designer.

Further studies : Training as an Interior Design Architect, validated as an international Masters Degree validated by IDEL art-culture, scenography option or interior architecture.


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