Bachelors in Responsible Global Design

Objective : conceived for apprentice students alternating with work, the course offers:
A global approach to design, favouring transversality and exchanges between different fields of design and new technologies.
Opting for sustainable creation ,i.e., an eco-responsible approach with awareness of the obligations of economic sustainability, respect for the environment and adaptability in resource use.
Integrating the professional sector with a work experience contract adapted to the course demands.
Access to higher studies such as a Masters as Artistic Director in Graphic Design and Interior Design Architect –further studies that are also available at Autograf in apprenticeship form.

Validation : International Bachelors in Graphic Design validated by IDELart-culture (secondary +3years);

Status, organization and length of course : Alternating Studies with a work integration contract. First qualification with a studies/ apprenticeship course or French as a foreign language option, 12 months.

Targeted Public : Holder of the equivalent of the French baccalaureat (High School Diploma/ A-Levels) +2 years at third level or 3, a technical diploma in Design, particularly Spatial Design, Graphic Design, Product Design, Communication, Space and Volume Design.

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Application Form and Fees

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