International Bachelors in Graphic Design

Objective: To become a designer, master communication strategies, create and produce products on a variety of media and  supports in the fields of graphics, publishing, advertising etc.

Validation: International Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design ( Validated by IDEL art-culture. Second level plus 3 years of higher education).

Status, organization and length: first qualification, 3 years.

Targeted Public: Qualified second level students or equivalent.(i.e. level 4).

Requirements: Creativity, multi-faceted technological awareness, communication skills, knowledge of the I.T. environment and relevant software (Illustrator, Photoshop, Xpress), contemporary and artistic culture.

Language Requirements: French C1 ( minimum).

Career Opportunities: Freelance Graphic Artist, consultant or employee working in the artistic section of an advertising agency, a creative studio ( independent or in-house),  institutes or associations, regional authorities.

Further study possibilities: The qualification allows students to  access a Masters course to become an artistic Director in Graphic Design validated by IDEL art-culture.

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Application Form and Fees

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