Computer Graphics Multimedia Layout Artist

Objective: To learn a profession and earn a second level diploma and become a  Computer Graphics Multimedia Layout Artist with immediate effect.

Validation: RNCP ( see above) certified at level 4, second level status, as described in the Official Govt. Journal ( J.O.), 7/9/2011.

Status, organization and length: first qualification, 1 year.

Targeted Public: The course is open to anybody wishing to acquire the skills to qualify as a Computer Graphics Multimedia Layout Artist.

Requirements: Creativity, knowledge of the I.T. environment..

Language Requirements: French B2 ( minimum).

Career Opportunities: Layout Artist, C.A.D., computer design graphics in communication agencies or the publishing sector.

The qualified person is equipped to do mock ups and page lay outs, work on typography and logotypes, produce documents requiring knowledge of software and peripherals such as  Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Xpress, scanners burners and printers. They will also have acquired the skills to set up an Internet site.

Further study possibilities: This level 4 certification allows the Computer Graphics Multimedia Layout Artist to pursue studies  for a Graphic Design Diploma (a BTS qualification, see above) or an Interactive Media Integration Diploma ( Second level plus 2 years higher education, RNCP level 3).

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