Graphic Design Diploma Option B in Graphic Design, specializing in communication and digital media

Objective: To become a digital designer, master communication strategies, and create products on a variety of digital media and supports.

Validation: National Higher Diploma in Technical Studies and graphic Design (BTS, Second level plus 2 years of higher education), Option B.communication and digital media.

Status, organization and length: first qualification, 2 years.

Targeted Public: Qualified second level students (French STD 2A) or those with a post-secondary upgrade ( similar to MANAA) in applied arts as well as students with a B.T. ( Technical Cert.) or second level students with professional subjects passed in the areas of visual communication or graphic design.

Requirements: Creativity, multi-faceted technological awareness, communication skills, knowledge of the I.T. environment and relevant software (Illustrator, Photoshop, Xpress), contemporary and artistic culture.

Language Requirements: French C1 ( minimum).

Career Opportunities: Freelance Communications Designer in Digital Broadcasting, consultant or employee working in a communications agency, graphic design creative studios or design workshops for digital broadcasting.

Further study possibilities: Graduates may pursue courses leading to Higher Applied Arts Qualification (e.g., DSAA) or equivalently qualified courses in universities and schools of art and design.

In parallel to the upgrade courses and the BTS qualification, Autograf offers an International Bachelors qualification ( based on curriculum equivalence) in Graphic design which allows students to access a Masters course in Graphic Design ( validated by IDEL art-culture).


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