Graphic Design Art Director, Interactive and Digital Creation Option

Objective: Developing applications and their usage in the field of digital and interactive media. Graduating with a double degree: a recognized national level 1 qualification ( 5 years of higher education) in addition to an International degree.

Double Validation: RNCP level 1 qualification ( 5 years of higher education) as described in the Official Govt. Journal ( J.O.), 9/12/2012 and an International Masters Degree in Graphic Design, validated by IDEL art-culture with 5 years of higher education.

Status, organization and length: first qualification, 5 years with 1,120 course hours.

Targeted Public: Qualified students with an RNCP level 2 qualification ( primary degree or bachelors), or those having completed 3 years of training in the visual communication field or in graphic design with a solid foundation in multimedia and new technologies .

Language Requirements: French B2 ( minimum).

Career Opportunities: The Graphic Design Art Director, working either in a communication or advertising agency or the P.R. Dept. of a company, is responsible for the visual aspect of a communication campaign. He/she works on the different stages from conception, negotiation to completion of the campaign’s projects. He/she creates and controls the entire graphic conception and directs the work provided by the different professionals involved in the project.


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