Digital Design

A Digital Designer works in graphics supports for interactive and digital conception.. These include inter and intranet sites, DVDs, mobile applications, animation or 3D.

Autograf offers a complete range of training in digital design in the form of modular or long term courses, second level exam preparation (French Baccalaureat), first degree courses and 5 year higher education qualifications.

The following courses are provided at Autograf:

Interactive Media Integrator (RNCP level 3 qualification, 2 years of higher education).

Graphic Design Diploma (a BTS qualification, see above) , specializing in communication and printed media.

Bachelors in Graphic Design (validated by IDEL art culture), specializing in multimedia.

Graphic Design Artistic Director, specializing in interactive and digital creation ( an RNCP level I qualification ).

International Masters in Graphic Design (validated by IDEL art culture).

Webmaster, web designer (intensive training).




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Application Form and Fees

Please check out our application form and course fees here.