Career of our Graduates

Through these interactive modules follow in real time the career of our alumni.

Discover the companies that hire our graduates, the first positions held by Autograf students and many other statistics ...


Geographical origin by High Schools

This module is in the form of a map of France which localizes the high schools of origin of our alumni.



Opportunities: Business sectors 

This diagram displays the business sectors that hire our graduates.



Opportunities: First positions 

This module presents the first jobs held by students who leaves our school after their studies.



Geographical split

This module is in the form of a world map which localizes our alumni by country.




This module shows the key skills of our graduates.



Breakdown by business sectors  

This graph displays the diversity of the possible business sectors thanks to the current distribution of our graduates.



Further education:The most popular high schools and universities

This graph puts forward the possibilities of pursuits of studies.



Cumulative data: All positions held by our graduates

This module concretely shows the plurality of positions held in companies







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