IDEL art-culture


As a "quality label" for artistic and cultural teaching institutions IDEL Labels originated in the desire of international school directors to harmonise Bachelor’s et Master’s degrees in conformity with LMD and ECTS s international procedures.

IDEART Labelling specializes in the areas of art, culture and communication. It provides a quality process which promotes the transparency of qualifications and degrees awarded by schools across the world. The Ideart network contributes to mobility/equivalence of qualifications and exchanges between schools.

In response to the demands of the artistic and cultural sector, IDEL art-culture established the labeling of art and communication school qualifications in line with the procedures of prestigious higher education business and engineering schools (AMBA, EQUIS, AACS, IACB). IDEL Labels accreditation is given to schools which satisfy the criteria defined in their regulations ( LMD organisation of courses, respect of the ECTS , juries, validation, internships and professional missions assigned, international campus partnerships etc.).





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