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Thanks to its partnership with the IP-IFIG school Autograf now offers courses in Interior Design in Algiers

Autograf opened its Algiers institution in 2013.

Following its partnership with E.P.A.U. ( School of Architecture and Urban Studies) Algiers, Autograf noted a growing interest in interior design among Algerian students and decided to extend its savoir faire to Algeria.

At present Autograf offers its International Masters in Interior Design ( validated by IDEL art-culture, Secondary plus 5 years) both in Paris and in Algiers. The course is offered under identical conditions and supervised by the same course directors ,Marie Begel and Frederic Dupressoir with the assistance of the Algerian conception workshop supervisors Selma Abdellatif and Mehdi Bennai. The core courses are given by the Autograf teaching staff which visits Algiers on a regular basis. Autograf maintains full responsibility for the academic programme with the support of IP-IFIG in the day to day organization and administrative follow up of students.

This has been an opportunity to respond to a growing demand in this field in Algeria, allowing Algerian students who so wish to train both in Algeria and Paris. A very concrete exchange of skills has resulted from this partnership.

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