Our Team

Quality teaching that perfectly matches the professional expectations of the Applied Arts Sector.

Each of our instructors works in his own profession in parallel with his teaching program.

Thus our faculty is made up of numerous well known personalities, among whom there are architects, script-writers, graphic artists, computer graphic professionals, roughmen, artistic directors, agency managers,, advertising specialists, painters, 3D animators, video game creators, web specialists and even journalists.

In addition to their experience on the ground, our collaborators are always ready to share their current projects with their students. Students thus quickly leave behind their high school experience and are treated as young professionals and receive individual follow up.

This is a concrete example of the human face of Autograf.

Human, but also convivial.

Autograf is a family where an accessible administrative team listens to the students and is always to the students. There is no question of students having to survive alone.

Autograf is both professional and convivial.

The administrative and teaching staff are very accessible , willing to listen and constantly available, and that applies to everybody who comes to the school be they students, instructors, parents or simply visitors.

A tailored pedagogical follow up.

The Pedagogical director as well as the involved instructors in line with all the teaching staff monitor students regularly in the course of their training. To formalize this concern the school’s programs envisage one or more progress evalutions during all the training on offer.

Experienced Instructors.

This is the sine qua non of our success. And this is why all our Instructors are both specialized and experienced. All our teachers and instructors are recruited on the basis of their professional experience and their confirmed qualities as teachers. 

Management and Administration

Daniel Toupenet


A graduate in Artistic Studies with a post graduate qualification in Plastic Arts supervised by Edmond Couchot, he is also a photographer with many exhibitions to his name. He lectures for the Paris city Museums and teaches Art History, Photography, Multimedia studies and Philosophy. He is the founder of several cultural associations. He joined autograph in 1998 as head of the multimedia project, became pedagogical director in 2000 and took over as director general in 2005.


Annabelle Stabile


After spending 10 years teaching French to foreigners as a teacher of F.L.E (French as a Foreign Language) and coordinates and supervises teams of teachers, Annabelle Stabile now works as pedagogical director for Autograf Applied Arts School. She manages the teaching team, participates in the creation of training programs, coordinates educational and administrative centers, she leads the work on the quality of service. She also plays an important role in mediating and consulting with students.


Anne-Cécile Warnière


 After an initial training in Sports Management, followed by experience in several P.R. agencies, Anne Cécile took a qualification in Communications to expand her skills and now contributes to the development of Autograf.





Jean-Pierre Douté, Alternance/Apprenticeship Manager

A journalist for Paris Normandie, advertising space purchasing manager and client creative consultant for the Parisien, he also works in communication and creation for the Ogilvy to Z Agency. Pierre Douté is well known as editor and creator of ” Mère Gant” and the associated spin off products, from the written concept to the artistic direction. After teaching in several graphic arts schools he joined Autograf as a teacher in Advertising Conception and he is also responsible for the Altewrnance/ Apprenticeship Centre and Company Relations. He prospects companies, and helps students find suitable first contracts and manages relations between the business world , the school and the students. As a result of his work, autograph has won the Alternance Apprenticeship Victoires prize for two years in a row, an award given for the quality of professional relations between schools, students and companies.

In addition help is available from:

Murielle Sellier, telephone reception and aid.

Laélien Marchesi, Director of International Development.

Véronique Rebondy, manager of the Admin. Dept..

Grégory Davison, alias « Greg », our accountant.

Michel Lefebvre, Head of I.T...

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