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Autograf is affiliated to various professional associations and network (see below) s and is well established in the creative industries.


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Erasmus is the primary European Program and facilitates mobility across Europe for students ( study or training periods), teaching staff (teaching missions) and those working in third level establishments ( training periods).

Campus France-Campus Art

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This is a French agency which promotes third level education, international mobility and reception. Their network offers a choice of artistic training, adapted to the expectations of an international public, at degree or masters level to students from all over the world.

The French Agency for Video Games


This agency aims at promoting employment opportunities and company creation within the community of creators, producers and distributors of multimedia work. They promote innovation and technical, artistic and intellectual creativity.

The Interactive Designers Association


This association promotes the contribution of design to the digital economy.

NF Training Service


NFTS approval denotes the serious professional status of a training provider and guarantees the exacting level and quality of the service on offer, as well as a control of training service performance.


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This body (the Office for the Professional Qualification of Training Providers), set up in 1994, certifies the quality of a company’s services in the field/s of its qualification.

Capital Games

Capital game

Capital games is the business cluster for Video games in the Paris /Ile de France Region. Set up in 2003 under the 1901 statute, it unites the region’s conglomerate of video professionals in all employments (development, publishing, middleware etc..), platforms ( home, mobile and on line) and sectors ( AAA, Casual, Social, Serious game etc.).

IDEL art-culture


IDEL art-culture Labelling specializes in the areas of art, culture and communication. It provides a quality process which promotes the transparency of qualifications and degrees awarded by schools across the world. The IDEL art-culture network contributes to the mobility/equivalence of qualifications and exchanges between schools.




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