Poker Face, Hidden Faces in Everyday Things

The Photo Galleries of Hidden Faces in Our Everyday Things

We are proud to present a photography exhibition - Poker Face, Hidden Faces in Everyday Things - by Japanese artist, Isao Bando. This is his first overseas exhibition. 

Exhibition from 28 March to 4 May 2018, at Autograf, 35 rue Saint-Blaise, 75020 Paris.

Vernissage : 28 MARCH from 18h30

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Autograf, design school in the 20th arrondissement of Paris, has offered various opportunities within Design and Applied Arts since its establishment in 1982.

In order to stimulate students’ curiosity and learn new trends of Design and Applied Arts, Autograf regularly organise events, conferences and exhibitions by French as well as international designers, architects and artists.

Through partnership with Ueda Gakuen, located in Osaka, fortunately, Autograf met Isao Bando, Japanese artist, photographer and designer.

In 1997, Isao Bando found a scar which looked like human face on the boundary pile during his moving. Since then, he has been pursuing hidden faces in everyday objects with his camera. His belief, observation, that is, his starting point, during the ‘Poker Face’ search. These impassive faces made from weather, nature, especially human life, on buildings or manufactured objects, seem a new way to describe cities and our presence.







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