Everyone Looks For Their Own Rhythm!

Everyone Looks For Their Own Rhythm !

From 19th until 23th February 2018, the illustration workshop was held for First-Year and Second-Year students (BTS Graphic Design).

The topic was common to everyone, one keyword of chronobiology - Everyone Looks For their Own Rhythm - ! All the students created thier own illusration of this theme. 

All the intensive atelier week, students worked with Antoine Monneret, their professor of Creation Studio, and also Maxime Sabou(illustrator and screen printer).

Workshop Day 1
Students discuss the heart of the matter and explain their first impressions. They choose various different screen printings made by Maxime Sabou on which they will be able to edit.

Workshop Day 2

Students still think about different ways to approach this topic before starting the first experiment.

Workshop Day 3
Their projects are shaping up more precisely.



Workshop Day 4
They still have some time to refine their project works before the assessment the next day and listen to advice by Maxime Sabou.


Workshop Day 5

Finally, on Friday morning, all the students introduced their own projects to everyone.


The last moment of intensive atelier week with Maxime Sabou and Antoine Monneret. 

You can also see more pictures of this workshop via this link, photo album of the workshop (Facebook).




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