Digital Design Workshop - Open Data

Digital Design Workshop - Open Data

From 19th until 23th February 2018, the workshop « Open Data » was held for First-Year and Second-Year students (BTS Digital Design).

Divided into 5 groups, students worked on the concept of Open Data. It represents a movement, philosophy of open access and publication practice of freely accessible and exploitable data at once.

Our students worked on this topic with the mobile App which is called ‘Arts Lab’, that is, from the creation of a logo but also the App’s design as well as user experience. Students also tried to create videos which give their point of view about Open Data.

In order to guide students’ work, the workshop was led by Damien De La Marlier, Professor of Digital Video Studio, and Pilippe Vernier.


Workshop Day 1

Students started to work on this, think about the objective of this workshop and the week plan. They discussed the heart of the matter and began looking for logo’s idea.



Workshop Day 2

Students introduced logo, App zoning, and their first renders to Damien De La Marlier and Philippe Vernier.



Workshop Day 3

Students introduced their video’s Stroyboard and their App’s graphic work. They have to work on the conception of graphic elements and also recording and sound making for the video.



Workshop Day 4

This is the last day of the workshop for students before their assessment tomorrow morning.
Students work on the video editing and the App prototyping.



Workshop Day 5 : Assessment

Groups of students make an assessment. During their presentations, they showed the whole steps of their opinions about Open Data, the creation of logo and their App’s prototyping.


This is the 5 day intensive group work by our students. 

You can also see more pictures of this workshop via this link, photo album of the workshop (Facebook).




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