Hot bath on every floor

From Monday 12th to Friday 16th February, the workshop ‘Hot bath on every floor’ was held.

First-year students in BTS Design d’Espace and MANAA’s students who want to pursue the study of Design d’Espace participated in this workshop.

This workshop was to design a small building which would be able to welcome a small family or a group of friends with a bath outside in order to enjoy the benefits from hot water. It had to be seasonal, transportable, environmental and sustainable.

To meet the objective, students were divided into groups according to concepts and were led by Saint-Macary, Pierre-Xavier Grézaud, Géraud Dodinet and RafikYahiaoui during all the week.

Workshop Day 1

Students start to work on the subject and make groups of 4 or 5 people from all the levels. They already start their first draft.


Workshop Day 2

Students are learning how to work more efficiently.


Workshop Day 3

The group meeting to make sure of the outline of the project with their professor, Géraud Dodinet.


Workshop Day 4


The projects are making progress. We can see the work by Samir, Lison, Mathis and Nathan.

Workshop Day 5 : Evaluation

There are still some work hours for students before the assessment.


In the middle of afternoon, all the groups make the presentation of their projects. 





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