Shoot'em up Workshop 2018

From 12th to 16th February, Video Game workshop "Shoot'em up" was held.

Second and third-year students in Video Game Art and MANAA’s students who want to pursue the study of Video Game Art participated in this workshop.

Each group made up of 10s students from all the levels and tried to creat a shooting game within 5 days. It was the first time for MANAA’s students to work on video game and also this workshop was to get them to learn the group work. They had to divide the work in fair and efficient way according to each student’s skills but also make a decision on the theme, the scenario, the main person, etc.

Workshop Day 1

After dividing up the job in each group, students start to work on the theme of their original game and the scenario. 

group work

Workshop Day 2

They make progress. Each student is working on his/her own work.


After finishing their storyboards, some refine their sketches like Naomi while other members of the group work on 2D and 3D graphics.

Workshop Day 3


Students listen to their trainer carefully. Olivier Thiebaut, trainer of 3D graphics, is always ready to help students if necessary.

Workshop Day 4

Projects are almost ready to be assessed Friday afternoon!


Raphael is finishing the ships in their game like this photo.

Workshop Day 5 : Evaluation

In the end of afternoon, all the groups demonstrate their own games.


Great job to students and trainers for this workshop !




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