Multimedia Workshop 2017

From Monday 11th to Friday 15th December, the multimedia workshop was held.

BTS students in Graphic Design and MANAA students joined this workshop.
They were divided into some small groups to work on a group project according to  « The Horla and Other Stories » by Guy de Maupassant.

The project was to creat a short movie, the trailer, the closing credits and even the poster. After 4 days and half of the intensive work, students showed their works in front of the juries; worksheet, film proposal, story-board, poster and their own movie.

This workshop was hosted by Damien De La Marlier, Antoine Monneret, Pierre-Xavier Grézaud, Véronique Jeanblanc, Daniela Jordanova, MariJo Paoli, Muriel Patarroni, Stéphane Popu and Philippe Vernier.

Monday 11th and Tuesday 12th December

Students are separated into groups of 4 or 5 per. They discuss the subject and start to work together. 

autograf workshop multi 2017 1

The atmosphere is serious during the first 2 days, QUetin, Priscilla and Allan. They share their own skills. Some work on the storyboard and others retouch pictures.

Wednesday 13th December 

On the third day of the multimedia workshop, students speed up thier works. 


Mathilde and Chena (MANAA students) are shooting a scene.

Thursday 14th December

This is the final step for all the members before the submission.


The group « M.A.X » gathers graphic designs for the poster of their short film which they made during this workshop on the theme of craziness. Théo, BTS student in Graphic Design, is working on the artwork of the poster for their group.

Friday 15th December
They still have some time to work before the evalution this afternoon.


Pierre V, MANAA student , is trying to finish his storyboard. 

In the afternoon, all groups made the presentations to examiners.


Good job to students!




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